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Cannibalism (with Josh Schlossberg)


For JHR’s (and Molly’s) first podcast appearance, we joined Denver Horror Collective’s Josh Schlossberg, the award-winning editor of The Jewish Book of Horror and writer (Malinae), on JOSH’S WORST NIGHTMARE, a podcast exploring the dark landscape of biological horror fiction. In this episode, we discuss all things cannibalism, from Hannibal Lecter to Cannibal Holocaust, and specifically where Jewish horror and cannibalism intersect.

To listen to the episode, click HERE or search “Josh’s Worst Nightmare” wherever you get your podcasts.

By mollyadamswrites

Molly Adams is a postgraduate and horror writer currently working on screenplays, articles, and a book on Jewish horror. If you'd like to keep updated on any of her work or new publications, head over to

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